Frequently Asked Questions


As you begin your spiritual journey, you may have some questions that come to mind. On this page you will find some responses to some of the most common questions we receive.

We hope you find this information insightful.

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1. Do you live in a cloistered monastery?

No. Franciscans Brothers of the Holy Cross are not monks and therefore we do not live a cloistered life. However, as members of the Franciscan family, we do God’s work in community. We attend daily Mass and come together three times daily for common prayer. We eat meals together, like a family, and at regular times, have special recreation together.

2. Are Brothers priests?

No. As a member of the Congregation of Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross, in general, are not priests. However, there are a few Brothers who have been ordained to the priesthood,, for the service on for the Congregation and the works they are involved to others. A Brother is a male member of a religious community and a special vocation in the Church. We profess vows and are involved in a variety of ministries, but do not administer sacraments as an ordained minister.

3. Do the Brothers attend a seminary for training?

Maybe.  Some Brothers may participate in theological classes for the purpose of spiritual formation, degree work, or advanced study.

Our Congregation conducts its own process of Formation called a Novitiate. It is a process program for the various stages one is entering: Courses for Candidates , Postulants and Novices. The goal is living Faith, living fraternal community life, and spiritual formation in the Franciscan tradition. The specific study as well as various stages of Formation can be found in as a PDF attached to the Education heading on this website.

4. Do you wear your habit all of the time?

Yes. Brothers in our Congregation do wear our habit. Wearing the habit is also a visual reminder to one another of our dedication to our particular religious community. Our habit is specific to our religious community and no other Congregation has the same habit as ours. We wear it especially for liturgical events, Mass, prayers, meals and most community gatherings. We are free to wear regular clothing when we work outside, in the garden, when traveling a long distance, when we do household duties or have to do grocery shopping, where wearing of the habit would be impractical and a safety concern.

5. Do you allow visitors to your monastery?

Yes! Visitors are welcome. However, it is appropriate to contact the local leadership or Superior regarding a scheduled visit. We do like to have a written request to make the necessary accommodations and time allotments, provided it is an agreed upon mutual arrangement.