As a Brother, you can expect to live a life in a community, in which members dedicate themselves to a life of prayer and service in the community and in apostolic works as you seek to be a Franciscan Brother of the Holy Cross. By living the common life in community, we strive to be kind and charitable. As Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross we are a living reminder of Christ’s love in community, in our works around the world.


What is is like to live in a Religious Community?

In a religious community of Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross might also remind you of your own family. We are gathered into a community bearing within ourselves the cultural marks, family traits and the learning of our differing life-experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Some of us live very active lifestyles and participate in some activities as other persons in a family. In our religious community, we share in the daily responsibilities of coming together three times a day for common prayer, meditation and daily Mass. We also support each other with the support and prayers of our Brothers who have lived a long and prayerful religious life.

We also celebrate birthdays and Namedays, holiday and Holydays. We are encouraged to read what we find makes us grow, scripture study and prayer. We also talk with one another, laugh, joke with each other, and always being sensitive the needs of each other.

In community, we also devote time to develop our individual interest, talents and hobbies.


What are the signs we are looking in the men who want to join us?

  • are active in the practice of their Catholic faith;
  • believe they are being called to become a religious Brother;
  • are at least 18 years of age and are in good spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health;
  • have completed or willing to complete college or university;
  • are capable of living a chaste, obedient lifestyle.
Becoming a brother

Is God calling you to live as a Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross?